Islamic Banking or non-interest financial as it may be called could be simply comprehended to be a financial procedure where interests are not charged. Earnings on money offered could just be recognized from a certain value creating process. Thus, non-interest banking legalizes just revenues. All various other forms of rate of interests charging are banned. To discuss this topic reasonably in this brief paper, it might be wise; to earn an assessment by way of comparison and so compare non-interest financial as against the conventional form of financial that is predominant today Therefore, comparing earnings and loss sharing against interest billing. These are the 2 crucial factors of economic growth and growth in any economy unlike the general worry, which professes that restriction of passions, might minimize the level of cost savings and could hence hamper financial growth and advancement. An increase in rates of interest minimizes the income of the consumer. It subsequently reduces his tendency to save/invest. This occurs as a result of the cost passion of funds he obtains.

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When rate of interests are high, expense of funding are high and at some point cost of production are likewise high. This creates an autumn in the volume of venture consequently causing the closure of manufacturing devices, retrenchment of workers to cut down prices or due to the fact that their solutions are not needed, and manufacturers might decide to enhance costs of their goods and services to stabilize their ‘cost/income’ trend. Therefore, inflation is activated. Earnings sharing assure take advantage of benefits to companies without risk and a return greater than the rate of interest to the sponsor. Variations in the price of revenue on equity under revenue and loss sharing finance are likely to be smaller compared to the price of profit on equity under interest finance, and profit and loss operations could have a little destabilizing possibility for the economic climate in its entirety compared to financing on passion. For the financiers and the companies that borrow funds from them, the profit and loss sharing system is the best and most suitable.

With the prohibition of interests; choice shares, bonds, industrial papers, treasury bills, lenders’ acceptance will certainly no longer exist with a minimum of in their interest making kinds with Credit Cooperative Society Registration. This does not in any way narrow the investment opportunities/portfolios available to financial institutions. This is because other properties standing for revenue sharing arrangements will additionally exist immediately. Therefore, the names of choice shares, business documents etc may not alter, but their interest attributes will be eliminated. In an Islamic monetary system, the availability of properties with a range of threat attributes is a distinct opportunity and there is no need to assume that there is a limitation to the variety of properties in such a system.

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