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Gloria Estefan Chat
Hosted by Excite &
November 16th, 1999

Gloria Estefan: test

host-KwestShun: Hello everyone and welcome to Excite! I am your host, KwestShun. host-KwestShun: (Wave)

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host-KwestShun: We have very special guests for you today, Gloria Estefan. Welcome to the show, guys! Let's jump right in and get started. (Handshake)

Gloria Estefan: HI Everybody!!!!

Gloria Estefan: (Wave)

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Question from Kath_from_DownUn: A lot of people on the conga email list can`t come to the Millennium concert - could you dedicate a song to us please?

Gloria Estefan: I am sure that there are going to be many representatives and we will most definitely say hello or dedicate something, I am sure they will be visible!

Question from GloriaE123-Tania: Have you checked out the "Conga On-Line" webpage?

Gloria Estefan: I haven't had time recently to check out anything recently, I havent' taken it with me on trips that should tell you how bad my schedule is lately, but I will try to get to it!

Question from DonaldKriz: Hi there Gloria! It great to speak with you again! What is your most favorite song to sing in Spanish and why?

Gloria Estefan: That's like picking your favorite child!

Gloria Estefan: I do like to sing Mi Tierra for obvious reasons, it's very close to my hear, and also Con Los Anos que Me Quedan, because it's autobiographical, Emilio and I wrote it.

Question from _jason105: what song had the most meaning in your life that you wrote

Gloria Estefan: Probably the most meaning to most people would be Coming out of the Dark, because it was very personal thing for all my friends.

Question from pup0404: Do you struggle with anxiety or depression since the accident, and if so, how do you overcome it?

Gloria Estefan: I don't suffer from anxiety or depression, but I can't sleep on moving vehicles. I am not as comfortable travelling as I was before. But now I am cool, I am alright!

host-KwestShun: You are! You're cool Gloria! (Wink)

Gloria Estefan: Thank you.

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Question from JeffinMpls: You`ve succeeded at a number of new things this year...guest talk show hostess, story narrator (what a great speaking voice!), band conductor, dramatic actress. What`s next? A TV series?

Gloria Estefan: Ahhhh!

host-KwestShun: Great idea Gloria!

Gloria Estefan: No, I don't think so that's way too much work, but I am writing a lot, I would love to do a book and write it myself, it will take me a while, about 10 years, and the way I am going I won't be able to

host-KwestShun: Yeah, it is. But, it's good to be busy.

Gloria Estefan: start it for about 10 years!

Gloria Estefan: (LOL)

Comment from CHERRIES__ON__TO: I love the way you have accomplished so much in your are truley an insperation to us all

Gloria Estefan: That's very sweet, thank you very much!

host-KwestShun: Awww, very nice Cherries! (Smile)

Comment from shortya68: Gloria we met your mom in the ladies room in Larios & my 4year old daughter still talks about her to this day & she loves you to death. I`m taking her to the millennium concert! Shes dieing to meet you

Gloria Estefan: Oh God, what did she do to her, aww how cute.

Gloria Estefan: What did my mom do to your child?

host-KwestShun: Oh no! We'll have to find out. (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: (Wink)

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Question from TXF_RULES: do you plan to make a new album anytime soon?

Gloria Estefan: I have just finished a new Spanish language album. It will be out April, the single will be out in February. It is my favorite album!

host-KwestShun: Fabulous! (OK)

Gloria Estefan: I think you will notice the difference in my singing, I really enjoyed the album a lot!!!!!

Question from deadoc1: How did you come to be involved with Brian Weiss? I am reading "Only Love Is Real" right now and it is very good. Which book of his are you making a movie of?

Gloria Estefan: Only Love is Real, is getting ready to be made as a TV movie for fall 2000, which we hope will set the pace for the feature film based on Many Lives, Many Masters, and we are going to have an exciting cast.

host-KwestShun: Oh, that's gonna be great!

Question from 2funkychicks: what was the first song you ever wrote and recorded?

Gloria Estefan: Tu Amor Conmigo back in 1975. It was the first song we recorded. It was written as a ballad, and we recorded it as a more upbeat song, and it ended up on the B side of our Renacer single.

Question from 2funkychicks: what is your favorite thing to do when you are able to relax and be alone?

Gloria Estefan: When I am able to be ALONE.......

Gloria Estefan: hmmm

host-KwestShun: Remember that, Gloria? (LOL)

host-KwestShun: Being alone?

Gloria Estefan: I can't think of when that happened last.

Gloria Estefan: When I am alone, I am doing I am reading, or on the net, or watching a movie.

host-KwestShun: So, just the simple stuff.

Gloria Estefan: I am not walking around drinking martinis in a sequined gown!!!

Question from Annamaria_2: FROM ITALY: Do you ever felt overwhelmed by your fans?

Gloria Estefan: Oh My's married life treating you?

Gloria Estefan: Not really, I love my fans, I love people. Sometimes it can get scary in an airport and there are many people, it's scary because I am very small, sometimes I get stepped on by my own security guards

host-KwestShun: I was gonna say, the big guys! (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: I love my fans though!

Question from JeffinMpls: Other than Latin-flavored music, what other types do you enjoy? Classical? Jazz? Opera? Rap?

Gloria Estefan: All of the above depending on the artist of course. I am very ecclectic in my taste in music, and it is great for moods, it can put you in a certain kind of mood, and it can reflect your mood.

Question from Julianna_N: Hi, Gloria. We`re all know this was your year of "duets" (which I LOVED). Can we expect any more in the near future...Shakira, Alejandro Fernandez, Jon Secada? Fr. Julianna N

Gloria Estefan: Hi! Well, they got the people wrong, they know about Rosie O'Donell, and I did a song with Celia Cruz for the new album, I had been wanting to do that for a long time, I love Celia Cruz as a human being and as an artist.

host-KwestShun: I hear about Latino vs. Hispanic ... what's the difference and which do you consider yourself to be ?

Gloria Estefan: I think Hispanic includes Spain, people from Spain, Latins includes French and Italian, so for me they are interchangeable.

Question from salsa_caliente: Will there be a DVD of the Millenium Concert?

Gloria Estefan: Probably eventually, but not until the end of the tour.

host-KwestShun: So they can put together all the cool stuff!

Gloria Estefan: So you don't have to come see me!

host-KwestShun: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: (Wink)

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

host-KwestShun: Why did you choose and what is it that attracted you to the site?

Gloria Estefan: I love the name, first of all, I love the concept of a bilingual site, I had not seen that before they approached me, they are interested in helping the community on this tour, rather than just sponsoring it, so there were a lot of grounds for me.

Question from UMassMJG: Hi Gloria, this is Michael from the Conga List. I was wondering which of the many duets you have completed is your favorite and why?

Gloria Estefan: Yikes!

host-KwestShun: Tough one!

Gloria Estefan: I think my favorite this year has to be the Rosie duet, because it is a lot about who I am , laughing and charities, and it's great.

Question from SuzyDazy: Do you find that it is difficult to maintain family life with your performing life?

Gloria Estefan: I am lucky that I can take my family with me AND I do! Wherever I am includes family life, unless it's like this 4 day trip to Europe. I was gone all day, so Emily stayed because it would have been too grueling, but otherwise they go with me!

Question from P-A-U-L-E-T-T: Is there someone that you`ve always wanted to work with, like a singer, or someone else, but you still havent got that chance to work with them yet?

Gloria Estefan: Madonna, we have talked about it on a gazillion occassions, but our schedules have not quite worked out, I am sure that it will work out one way or another, either in music or movies.

host-KwestShun: OH that'd be cool! (Wow)

Question from UMassMJG: How is your daughter Emily doing these days?

Gloria Estefan: Emily is doing great! She's studying gymnastics, karate, and piano. She has a fulll schedule, and is having a blast.

host-KwestShun: What a combo! Just like her mom!

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Question from CONGAglory-VERO: Hey Gloria-- Got anything special in store for the 2000 Tour? Like in the last tour, when you were in that round cage? Hope to see you soon and never forget...VERO from Los Angeles, CA

Gloria Estefan: Oh God!

Gloria Estefan: I will not be hovering over anyone in this tour! But we have a very interesting stage!

host-KwestShun: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: Still fun and exciting stuff!

Question from Weazy_guest811: what is the one thing that makes you feel the best about being famous?? Louise

Gloria Estefan: All the free love that comes my way, that is the best!

host-KwestShun: You've said in interviews that your mother uses the Internet. Do you use the Internet often?

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: I do use the internet often, it has become an incredible business tool for me, informative, I just did a speech for the National Conference of Women Judges, and I used the internet to prepare

Gloria Estefan: I used it a lot!

host-KwestShun: Yeah, it's a great research tool!

Gloria Estefan: Plus keeping in contact with my family when I am on the road is great!

host-KwestShun: AND great for CHAT!!!! Espcially on EXCITE! (Wink)

Question from Defibz: If you could turn back time, what are some things you would wish you could change in your life and your career?

Gloria Estefan: I wouldn't change anything, everything has been an amazing learning experience!

host-KwestShun: Love that. (Smile)

host-KwestShun: Right, and everything has led you to where you are now, so ...

Gloria Estefan: Definitely!

Gloria Estefan: how far can you change things....I mean I would have liked for my grandmother to have been with me longer, but those things you can not change

host-KwestShun: Right. Of course.

Question from bernadette_guest: Gloria, With your busy schedule, How do stay so Young, Beautiful, Kind, and Fabulous??

Gloria Estefan: AHHHH!!!!! I love you!!!!!!

host-quepasa: I love that she said fabulous! (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: I am happy, I think that helps, and I am very fullfilled in every way imaginable!

Gloria Estefan: Besides I believe each day we are either older or dead!

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

host-quepasa: I love that! (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: It's a good alternative to be older!

host-quepasa: I'll never forget that now, Gloria.

Question from Weazy_guest811: is there anybody with whom you would have liked to have met either dead or still amongst the living?? and who? Louise in ohio!!!

Gloria Estefan: I would have loved to have a long talk with Sigmund Freud!

host-quepasa: OH yeah, sit down with Siggy!

host-quepasa: How long did you study psychology?

Gloria Estefan: I studied psychology, so I have some questions I would like to ask Mr.Freud.

Gloria Estefan: I did my bachelors in Communication and pscyh, with a minor in French

host-quepasa: I think you did, too. (Wink)

Question from gloria97ric: Could you describe the feeling of singing on stage in front of thousands?? I hope to feel that someday!

Gloria Estefan: I think I made the right choice with music.

host-quepasa: You made the right choice.

Gloria Estefan: Sigh!

Gloria Estefan: It's a very sensual feeling!

host-quepasa: (Love)

Gloria Estefan: A true exchange of love, if it is the way it can be, that's why it is so hard for some artists to retire. It's an incredible feeling. That's why having a family is so great

host-quepasa: Right. THey don't want to give that up.

Gloria Estefan: because you can have those feelings at home in a different way.

Gloria Estefan: It's great.

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Question from Githas: I`ve always been interested in music and would like to record something someday, how did you get started and was it very hard?

Gloria Estefan: I got started by coincidence.

Gloria Estefan: I joined the band as a hobby because I loved the music andthe rehearsals, but I was very shy.

Gloria Estefan: Then, I believe meeting my husband was destiny,

host-quepasa: I'll say! (Love)

host-quepasa: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: If we weren't together, I doubt that I would be doing what I do.

Gloria Estefan: But as for advice for you, prepare and study voice or music, and keep a firm idea of what you want to do.

Gloria Estefan: and don't let anyone dissuade you, but have a day job!

host-quepasa: There you go Githas! Right from Gloria herself!!!

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

host-quepasa: Good luck! (Wink)

Question from ghoney20: Hello Gloria!!! Do you ever want to go away somewhere where no one will stop you, where you can be alone and smell the flowers?

Gloria Estefan: Hello!

Gloria Estefan: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

host-quepasa: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: I do that as long as I am not with my husband, because they recognize him more than me.

host-quepasa: Really??!! That's surprising!

host-quepasa: (Wow)

Gloria Estefan: I always smell the flowers, I enjoy that, but I always enjoy being home, that's great, it's quiet and peaceful.

Question from Marcella_guest30: how do you feel about your upcoming tour for the new millenium and what it`s your goal about it

Gloria Estefan: My goal is to refresh my relationship with my fans in person, that is my only goal ever when I go on tour!

Question from chispita10_guest: Gloria if you were giving the oportunity to enter cuba right now while Castro is there will you?

Gloria Estefan: No, because I would have to ask him permission , which he wouldn't let me anyway, and I would have to go over there and cause a big stink....

host-quepasa: Wow, that's right.

Gloria Estefan: and that could lead to violence.....I'll just wait til he passes,

Gloria Estefan: or he leaves on vacation!

host-quepasa: Til he passes somewhere!

Gloria Estefan: This world or the next!

host-quepasa: (LOL)

Question from Weazy_guest811: What kind of advice would you give to someone who is trying to cope with hard times?? you`ve overcome alot and still succeeded...

Gloria Estefan: I would say look at your situation and ask yourself "What can I learn from this, what did I feel through this, and where do I want to go from here," and the answers to those questions will tell you a lot. You only learn from difficulty

host-quepasa: That's very true.

Gloria Estefan: They will tell you a lot. Remember that we always have the choice. There is always something we can chose to do.

Question from JeffinMpls: Do you have any hobbies we might not know about? Do you collect anything?

host-quepasa: Good advice!

Gloria Estefan: That's all you can do really.

Gloria Estefan: I am scuba diver, I have taking 3 boating courses, piloting, navigation, and seamenship.

host-quepasa: Oh cool! (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: One day I said I liked boxes, so now I have a huge box collection which I love. Teeny tiny boxes, they are cute, and I love them. I even have one with Cuban soil in it, and I love it!

host-quepasa: Awww, those are cute though! (LOL)

host-quepasa: Oh that's cool!

Question from vp-jenk: ~Do you really think it`s important that the site`s in both English and Spanish?

Gloria Estefan: Yes, I believe that it is crucial . As a learning tool, and it allows more people of different cultural backgrounds to both languages simultaneously. My mom loves that kind of thing. For billingual pe

host-quepasa: Right.

Gloria Estefan: For bilingual people it's great!

host-quepasa: I think all sites should eventually have that kind of option.

Gloria Estefan: I sing both languages believe me I know it's a lot of work!

host-quepasa: Maybe some day the internet will have that button that will automatically translate things.

Question from GloriaE123-Tania: The picture for the "MOTH" Movie poster is just incredible!!! It`s beautiful and totally natural, not posed! What were you guys laughing about when that picture was taken?

Gloria Estefan: We laughed a lot so it is hard to remember what that was, but there was genuine feeling there. We shot that after the movie was done, and we all had a very nice relationship!

host-quepasa: That helps!

Gloria Estefan: Yeah, it makes work enjoyable!

Question from DonaldKriz: Gloria, how do you try to maintain a normal childhood for Emily being in the public eye so much? Does she truly understand your position in entertainment. It must be hard sometimes.

Gloria Estefan: It's always hard to share your mommy with the rest of the world, but I talk to her a lot and explain as much as I can, and make sure that no matter what I am doing, she can always get to me and talk to me, and Nayib has turned out great, I am happy how he handles the fame part of it.

host-quepasa: How old are they now?

Gloria Estefan: Nayib is 19 and Emily is going to be 5 December 5th.

host-quepasa: Wow! 19! To look at you I would be stunned to know you have a 19 year old son!

Question from UMassMJG: Hi Gloria, it`s Michael from Conga. I was wondering how your partnership with developed?

Gloria Estefan: Tell me about it, I see him and I can't believe he came out of me!

host-quepasa: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: Quepasa came to us when we were looking for sponsors for our tour. They didn't come looking for the sponsorship, and I was looking for a sponsor who would be on the same page, and they came through ,

host-quepasa: Mm hmm.

Gloria Estefan: specially with the charity angle, which was important to me , and the dates of the tour you can find at

host-quepasa:! Check it out everyone!

Question from GloriaE123-Tania: Apart from your Spanish album that will be coming out early next year, do you have anything cooking on the back burner for a following album?

host-quepasa: They're just chompin' at the bit, Gloria!

Gloria Estefan: I already have a clear picture of the English album to follow the Spanish one.

host-quepasa: (Wink)

Gloria Estefan: I have it very clear in my mind, but I want to save some surprises, it is in English !

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: I do know what I am going to do! It's in my mind, this is going to be my 20th album.

host-quepasa: Right, exactly.

host-quepasa: Wow! (Wow)

host-quepasa: Congratulations!

host-quepasa: That's incredible.'

Gloria Estefan: That includes those Greatest Hits ones, but they are out there!

Question from JeffinMpls: I really enjoy your "Come Rain or Come Shine" duet with Frank Sinatra that you recently discussed with Larry King. Might you ever record more of those classic standards?

Gloria Estefan: I would love to do a standards album, it has always been in my plans.

host-quepasa: Oh! Boy, that would be killer! (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: Somewhere down the road we might see some standards mixed in with some originals.

Gloria Estefan: I would love that.

Gloria Estefan: Maybe just standards.

host-quepasa: That'd be beautiful.

Question from Lady-Nichole: Hi what was it like to act in the movie Music of the Heart..and what was it like to work with `N SYNC.. on the song for the movie?

host-quepasa: I thought you were fabulous in the movie, Gloria!

host-quepasa: (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: I thoroughly enjoyed doing the movie, and I am now spoiled because of Meryl Streep, and I would love to do more of that nature.

host-quepasa: Oh, hello! That's all I can say.

Gloria Estefan: A little bit bigger part.

Gloria Estefan: The N' Sync boys are a bunch of cuties, like Rosie would say "Cutie-petutti"

host-quepasa: Did you take them? (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: They are very sweet , nice, talented guys.

Gloria Estefan: I had to take my nieces, they went crazy.

host-quepasa: Your nieces?

Gloria Estefan: You have to becareful with those prepubescent fans.

Gloria Estefan: They go crazy!

host-quepasa: All those cute boy bands out now!

Gloria Estefan: Yeah!

Question from unaprincesa: What was it like to have a concert in Cuba after all of the nostalgia and such from growing up surrounded by Cubans, yet not being able to fully experience your culture?

Gloria Estefan: Speaking of the Guantanamo concert, it was very difficult to sing Mi Tierra in that concert, I had a huge knot in my throat, it was very difficult because when you sing you should portray emotion

host-quepasa: Oh wow ..... I could only imagine ....

Gloria Estefan: but when you feel it too much it gets difficult.

Gloria Estefan: It just made me want the real thing even more.

Gloria Estefan: Fidel is going nuts.

Gloria Estefan: The other day when he was giving a speech he said "Put some salsa music on I will be right back!"

Gloria Estefan: He had to go to the bathroom.

host-quepasa: (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: He talks for 8 hours and says absolutely nothing.

Gloria Estefan: Those poor people

Gloria Estefan: Death by speech!

host-quepasa: Yikes! (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: That must be a hell of a great listening body!

Gloria Estefan: Jesus, wait til Jerry Springer gets ahold of them!

Question from destind2_be: Are there any recording artists that you would like to work with in the future?

Gloria Estefan: I like the work I am doing with Shakira, because it is trying to portray her incredible writing abilities in a new language for her. It has been a great challenge, and I really enjoyed it, I would love to keep working with artists on this level.

Question from _jason105: gloria what was the biggest high light of your career

host-quepasa: So far ....

Gloria Estefan: That's quite a question!

host-quepasa: Mm hmm.

Gloria Estefan: The biggest highlight of my career would have to be March 1,1991.

Gloria Estefan: When I got back on stage after the accident, because it was a euphoric night, it will be difficult to top that emotion, because of the sense of accomplishment.

host-quepasa: Oh yeah! (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: relief, and love that I felt. Only a concert in FREE Cuba could top that I think.

host-quepasa: THat must have been incredible! Ooh I got chills when you said that!

Gloria Estefan: It was truly other-worldly.

host-quepasa: Unfortunately, Gloria, our time is up!

host-quepasa: Any parting words to your fans, chatters?

Gloria Estefan: I love you all for being so loyal, and for always being interested, not only in the big things in my life, but also in whether I have short, long, curly, or straight hair!!!!

host-quepasa: That's important! (LOL)

Gloria Estefan: Thanks again everybody!!!!

Gloria Estefan: (Wave)

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

Gloria Estefan: I love to drive you all crazy!!! Fortunately I do what I do, and I have to live with everyone having an opinion on it!!!

Gloria Estefan: But it is great, I love you all!!!!

Gloria Estefan: (Smile)

host-KwestShun: Gloria Estefan, it was SO great having you on the show today! Thank you for joining us!

host-KwestShun: And, thanks to all of you chatters out there! Please be sure to check the Excite Special Event Chat schedule for the next show!

host-KwestShun: Thanks for joining us everyone. Have a great week. Later 'tater!

host-quepasa: Tdloo! (Wave)